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The LHCP conference series has emerged in 2013 as a successful result of fusion of two international conferences, Physics at Large Hadron Collider Conference and Hadron Collider Physics Symposium. The program will be devoted to a detailed review of the latest experimental and theoretical results on collider physics of the LHC Run II and discussions on further research directions within the high energy particle physics community, both in theory and experiment. The main goal of the conference is to provide intense and lively discussions between experimenters and theorists in such research areas as the Standard Model Physics and Beyond, the Higgs Boson, Supersymmetry, Heavy-Flavour Physics and Heavy-Ion Physics as well as to share recent progresses in the high luminosity upgrades and future colliders developments. The programme foresees 12 plenary sessions and 9 parallel sessions as detailed below. Speakers reporting results from LHC experiments will be directly selected by the Collaborations. Students are encouraged to bring posters showing their own research work, which will be presented and discussed in dedicated poster sessions.



Carloni Calame, Carlo Michel, Pagani Davide, Stocco Diego, Josa Mutuberria Isabel, Lohwasser Kristin, Yin Hang

Session support: Camilla Vittori, Federico Betti


Buckley Matthew, De Almeida Dias Flavia, Ilten Philip James, Saoulidou Niki

Session support: Giulia Ucchielli, Giuseppe Caratta

Heavy Flavour

Pompili Alexis, Van Dyk Danny, Silvestrini Luca, Bruna Elena, Gersabeck Evelina Mihova, Walder James William

Session support: Fabio Ferrari, Lorenzo Capriotti


Furlan Elisabetta, Bianchini Lorenzo, Gray Heather, Reina Laura

Session support: Grazia Cabras, Lisa Borgonovi

Heavy Ion

Fleuret Frédéric, Ratti Claudia, Bierlich Christian, Preghenella Roberto, Grabowska-Bold Iwona, Mironov Camelia

Session support: Nicolò Jacazio, Jeremy Wilkinson


Geiser Achim, Adam Bourdarios, Hatzifotiadou Despina, Redi Federico Leo

Session support: Matteo Franchini, Tommaso Diotalevi


Noferini Francesco, Boudoul Gaelle, Deviveiros Pier-Olivier, Dziurda Agnieszka

Session support: Francesca Carnesecchi, Luca Giommi


Alioli Simone, Dobrigkeit Chinellato David, Doglioni Caterina, Farry Stephen, Monni Pier Francesco, Rappoccio Salvatore

Session support: Alessandra Gioventù, Giuseppe Caratta


Shah Nausheen, Cicoli Michele, Vivarelli Iacopo, Zevi Della Porta Giovanni

Session support: Gabriele D'Amen, Luca Clissa


Rontsch Raoul, Negrini Matteo, Skinnari Louise, Tramontano Francesco

Session support: Silvia Biondi, Fabio Lemmi

Upgrade and Future Experiments

Neri Nicola, Schwartzman Ariel, Cepeda Hermida Maria, Masciocchi Silvia

Session support: Federico Lasagni, Luca Giommi